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Teacher: Katie Rich-New

Our 5s attend school Monday-Friday. We have one kindergarten class containing a maximum of 12 students.

Our 5-year-olds grow and mature tremendously during this crucial academic year. The children quickly learn to use letters and sounds to spell words and write stories. Watching a child’s sense of pride and accomplishment blossom as he/she becomes a reader is a joy! The Learning Without Tears program encourages each child to reach his/her fullest potential in reading and writing skills. The Bridges Math Curriculum encourages good number sense and prepares children to enter elementary school with a solid foundation in mathematical skills. Children also work independently and in groups to explore science and social studies topics. Our 5k class incorporates the academic expectations of local and state curriculum allowing our students to make a successful and seamless transition to 1st grade.  Our 5s attend Music, PE, Art, and Chapel weekly. Highlights of the year include a Teddy Bear Party, performing in a Christmas play, 50th and 100th Day celebrations, and a beach party play day. Field trips to Bud’s Best Cookies, Children’s Theater, Golden Flake, and the Birmingham Zoo help incorporate real life activities into their thematic studies. 5s also participate in the school-wide spring music program, Mother’s Day Tea and Art Show, and the Kindergarten graduation ceremony.


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