Grow in God's Love


Students attend a weekly chapel service led by either The Rev. Jack Alvey or Amanda Austin, the Children's Formation Director of the Episcopal Church of the Ascension. Chapel services are brief, child-centered, and embrace all children as God's children. Each chapel service focuses on a story from the Bible and the prayers we say to ask God to help us grow, learn, and play as we seek to be good friends, eager learners, and disciples of God.

AEK Morning Prayer

Thank you, Jesus, for this day,

With time for work and time to play.

Than you for your grace and care,

Please be with me everywhere. Amen


We thank the Lord for happy hearts

for rain and sunny weather

we thank the Lord for this, our food

and that we are together. Amen

AEK Closing Prayer

I believe in God above.

I believe in Jesus' love.

I believe his spirit, too,

comes to teach me what to do.

I believe that I should be

Kind and gentle, Lord like Thee. Amen