Aftercare provides an excellent opportunity for our AEK children to spend some extra time at school to play with their friends. The majority of the time is spent on the playground, weather permitting, allowing children to engage in free play while supervised by AEK teachers.

Aftercare is offered Monday through Friday from 1:00-2:00 each day for any AEK student in the 3K-5K classes. Accommodations may be made for 2K students to attend the aftercare hours at the discretion of the director. Because of the multiple age groups attending aftercare, it is important that all children who attend are potty trained and capable of spending the extra hours at school without a nap. We do encourage 4K and 5K students to attend aftercare so that they can get accustomed to spending the longer hours at school, but it is certainly not required.

Flexible Schedule
You can choose how many days you want your child to attend each week. You can also choose which days work best for your schedule. Simply create your preferred schedule on the sign-up sheet!

Aftercare fees will be included on your monthly tuition statement. The monthly cost is based on how many days per week your child attends aftercare.

1 day a week: $30 per month
2 days a week: $60 per month
3 days a week: $85 per month
4 days a week: $115 per month
5 days a week: $140 per month

Costs for aftercare in December and May will be half of the normal monthly cost to accommodate the fewer attendance days due to holidays and shorter months.

Drop-In Days
Drop-in days are also available as long as there is space on the day you wish your child to attend. Drop-in days are the perfect solution for parents who do not need aftercare on a normal basis but have the occasional need for the extra hours. Simply contact Rebecca at least one day before you wish your child to stay and ask if there is availability for the day(s) needed. If space is available, your child will be added to the list for that day and charges will be applied to your invoice for the following month. The cost per drop-in day is $15.