Infant/Toddler Room

8 months - 2 Years

Our Infant and Toddler classroom is geared for the youngest of our learners. Offered for ages 8 months to 2 years, our teachers strive to meet each child's needs in a loving atmosphere. The room is divided so that our infants and crawlers have a safe space to explore their environment, while our walkers and young toddlers have a space engage in imaginative play and build their social skills. Circle time allows our earliest learners to sing, dance, and read books with the teachers. We love to take our infants and toddlers outside to their designated play space so that walkers can practice their gross motor skills while the babies ride in strollers and enjoy the outdoors. Even our youngest learners enjoy a visit to Ms. Macey's Music room twice a week. 

Cute Baby Boy

We follow the same schedule as AEK and run from 9:00-1:00 each day of the week. You have the flexibility to choose the schedule that works for you. Options include a two day, three day, or five day schedule.

A $100 registration fee is due with your enrollment form to secure your spot.

Monthly Tuition for MDO:
T/Th: $225
MWF: $285
M-F: $440

One time supply fee:
T/Th: $75
M/W/F: $115
M-F: $150