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All 4K and 5K students will participate in a weekly art class, taught by Laura Helveston. Our 3K students who attend five days will also participate in an art class taught by Ms. Laura. This allows the students to dive deeper into art projects and foster a love of artists and their work.


Each class will participate in a music and movement class taught by Ms. Becca each week. Through singing songs, playing instruments, and dancing, children will explore different genres of music and how they can use their voices to express themselves in all kinds of ways. Each class will participate in a spring music program, which is always a delight.


All students in the 3s, 4s, and 5s classes participate in weekly PE classes. Laura Helveston is our wonderful PE teacher and understands the importance of fostering those gross motor skills that are important for a child's development. PE classes also award the opportunity to practice teamwork, cooperation, and taking turns.

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